November ’15



House-Made Meltaways

New to Shane’s are House-Made Meltaways in Creamy Peanut Butter dipped in Milk Chocolate and Candied Orange dipped in Dark Chocolate.


Cranberry Walnut Bark

White Chocolate mixed with chopped Salted English Walnuts and studded with Organic Dried Cranberries and our own house-made Candied Orange Peel.

Available in our shop & to order online

Large #9 Camelsmj

Clear Toy Candy

It may be chilly outside, but our kitchens are warm and full of the light scent of sugar wafting in the air. It’s clear toy season, and soon our shelves will be full with bright colorful candy treasure – emerald elephants, citrine lions, and ruby ships, to name a few. If you would like to retail our Clear Toy Candy in your shop, please inquire with our clear toy confectioner, Pavia at

They are also available to order online


Candy Clerk’s Pick of the Month

Christine picks our coconut haystacks. Toasted coconut shreds are stirred into milk or dark chocolate, then carefully molded into delicate and delicious bites.



cacao bean to cup


Introducing Bean-to-Cup Drinking Chocolate

We have crafted a velvety smooth drinking chocolate from hand selected Peruvian and Nicaraguan cacao beans; we sorted, roasted, and ground the cacao into house-made chocolate.

Nightcap3 copy

Thomas Jefferson’s Chocolate Nightcap

A rich, dark, and thick European style drinking chocolate that has been proven to warm the chill from your bones, melt the snow on your coat, and brace you for the Winter weather.

“The superiority of chocolate, both for health and nourishment, will soon give it the same preference over tea and coffee in America which it has in Spain.”
– Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to John Adams, 7 November, 1785


Pie & shake123

Pie on Your Plate, or in Your Shake

House-made pie returns to the Franklin Fountain, with Chocolate Pecan, Peach Praline, Apple Crumb, and Cranberry Blueberry. Have a hot slice of pie on chilly days, or sip and spoon a one right into your milkshake.

Thanksgiving 3 FF Menu Ad 2015

Thanksgiving Scoops

What are you bringing to Thanksgiving? Cinnamon Ice Cream, Poached Pear Sorbet, or Cranberry Custard? They’ll be thankful you did.


Hot Milkshakes Return

A Franklin Fountain classic, try a Hot Milkshake today! Our Toasted Marshmallow Malted is sure to delight – Fluffy Marshmallow enriched Vanilla Ice Cream spun with Malted Milk Powder and melted Bittersweet Chocolate over one of Reverend Sylvester Graham’s crackers (and served with toasted house-made Marshmallow).


Soda Jerk’s Pick of the Month

Mark likes a custom Hot Milkshake called “Thanksgiving Dessert” – Pumpkin and Cinnamon Ice Cream, blended with a slice of Chocolate Pecan Pie.

Still Life

Audobon to Warhol: The Art of American Still Life

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has invited The Franklin Fountain and Shane Confectionery to create our own confectionery edible still life, in honour of their exhibition.
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. in the Great Stair Hall
Free with admission.


Civil War Refreshment Saloon at the Mutter Museum

Join Ryan Berley at the Mütter Museum Sunday, November 8, from 2 APM to 4PM for a taste of history and the macabre. Visit with American Civil War reenactment doctors and soldiers, and sample what soldiers and civilians ate. Enjoy unique Phosphates, plus “Gangrene Ice Cream” from The Franklin Fountain and watch live demonstrations of cough drop production!
Click here to learn more

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October ’15



Apple Cider Caramels

Our Vanilla Caramels have put on their scarves and gone apple picking! Made with a cider reduction and a touch of cinnamon.


Caramel and Candy Apples

Fresh and local apples dipped in our House-Made Caramel, both with and without Salted Pecans, or coated in traditional Red Hard Candy.

Available October only – Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Hallowe’en Treats

We love Hallowe’en and hope you do too! Come to Shane’s for your Tricks, Treats, and Gifts. Encourage some mischief with our Bubble Gum Cigarettes, reward the best costume with a Foil Wrapped Chocolate Jack-o-Lantern, or give a chocolate filled Hand-Made skeleton box to your best fiend.

Browse all of our Halloween candy in our online shop

Vicki Licorice Pastilles_web

Candy Clerk’s Pick of the Month

Vicki suggests our Licorice Pastilles.
“They are much crunchier and flavorful than other licorice pastilles, such as you might get at the movies.” And this month they come in festive Hallowe’en colors!


Agua de Nicaragua_croppedWEB

New and Old Favorites

Returning to warm you during the Autumn chill are house favorites – the Spanish Royal and the Tuscan Jasmine. And new to our menu, Agua de Nicaragua, made with our own house-made Bean-To-Bar Chocolate.


Ice Cream Sandwiches for Little Goblins & Boos

Get them before they vanish! Made with Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread) Cookies and Pumpkin Ice Cream.


Salty Caramel Ice Cream

Our velvety and rich Caramel Ice Cream is now improved with help from The Sea – our most local salt source! – Cape May Sea Salt offer high quality, locally sourced and harvested salt. Look out at both The Franklin Fountain & Shane Confectionery for more products made even better by Cape May Sea Salt.


Cider – Hot, Cold and Fizzy!

Hot Cider and Cider Soda are both back at the Fountain! We use local Pennsylvania Dutch Cider from the Bauman’s Family Farm who have been making fresh apple cider since 1892.

Pie1_webApple Pies Return

Nothing says Fall like a slice of our warm, house-made Apple Pie, savor one a la mode with our new Salted Caramel Ice Cream or one of our other delicious Fall ice cream flavors! Or try our signature Hot Caramel Apple Pie Milkshake: A slice of warm Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream draped in Hot Caramel.

great pumpkin sundae_web

Soda Jerk’s Pick from the Pumpkin Patch

Eric chooses our Autumnal sundae, The Great Pumpkin Sundae.
“You can’t have Halloween without a visit from the Great Pumpkin! Pumpkin Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce, Whipped Cream, Malt Powder & Cinnamon.”

A Special Request: Service to Pope Francis

The Berley Brothers were honored to donate ice cream for Pope Francis’ dinner at St. Charles Seminary. In 1940 St. Charles Seminary commissioned Eppelsheimer of NY, to make relief moulds of the seminary for the Archdiocese Jubilee. The Berley Brothers used this mould, one of only twelve made representing each of Jesus’ apostles, to cast twelve ice cream bars; six molded in Vanilla, and six in Carmelo de Plátano.


City Paper: Buzzfeed

City Paper was abuzz this month with an article about local honey growers in Philadelphia. Shane’s own rooftop hive and our honeycomb candy and ice cream are featured along with an interview with Eric Berley.

Click here to read the article

RV Lawn Sign

Rose Valley Tour

Shane Confectionery and The Franklin Fountain are excited to be providing dessert for the “Once in a Lifetime Tour”, on October 18 of historic Rose Valley. In 1901 Rose Valley was founded as a utopian Arts and Crafts community by architect Will Price. The arts & crafts movement is historically contextual for both Shane Confectionery and The Franklin Fountain, and has been a significant influence on how we approach confections and ice cream. Please Support the effort by learning more and purchasing a ticket for this exceptional tour HERE
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