Local Flight – Hard Candy and Cherry Cocktail

In this episode, Shawn heads to the historic city of Philadelphia, where he meets up with bartender Chauncey Scates at Square 1682, and visits America’s oldest candy shop.

Martha Stewart Living – Heritage Sweets

Martha Stewart Living visits Shane Confectionery to go behind the scenes and see the creation of handmade sweets and their seasonal Clear Toy Candy

Uwishunu’s Philly 101: Shane Candies

Daniel Abraham, curator at Art in the Age, reveals his favorite treat offered at Shane Confectionery.

The Berley Brothers: Sweet Nostalgia

Watch Friday Arts for December 2011 on PBS. See more from FRIDAY ARTS.

Unwrapped: Clear Toy Candy

Marc Summers visits the kitchen of Shane Confectionery to see Clear Toy Candy made – the candy that takes tools to eat!

WHYY Reporter, Peter Crimmins goes behind the scenes at Shane Confectionery; where Ryan and Eric Berley keep alive the century old tradition of making clear toy candy.
Photos by Todd Vachon. For more on the story go to: www.newsworks.org

A concise factual film detailing the history of the American soda fountain, created by Jeffrey T. Heinbach.

Candy Class at Temple University

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