Fizzy Champagne Truffles

We’re uncorking some Champagne Truffles that POP in your mouth! A White Chocolate Truffle made with Port Wine, Champagne Extract, and a coating of Popping Sugar…It’s the fireworks at midnight on your taste buds!

Glücksschwein – “Good Luck Pigs”

Marzipan Pigs have been exchanged for centuries around the holidays, bringing good luck for the year ahead. In keeping with this ancient German tradition we’re celebrating the New Year with house-made Marzipan in the shape of Pigs or dipped in Dark Chocolate. Our Marzipan is made with Almond Meal and Confectioners Sugar and flavored with a hint of Rose Water. Available now at Shane Confectionery and online.

Lemon Hill Mansion Bon Bons

If you missed the tour of the Historic Houses of Fairmount Park, don’t worry we saved a little piece of the event just for you! We created a special Bon Bon for the event with layered Lemon Curd with a White Chocolate Lemon Ganache. Now available in limited quantities in our shop.

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