Shane Confectionery at City Hall’s Christmas Village

(Preview November 19th & 20th
Opens November 25th)

Join us for the charm of an authentic German Christmas market modeled after Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg/ Germany.  Our offerings will include an abundant variety of holiday gifts including assorted boxed Chocolates and bagged Candies, Candy Canes, Clear Toy Candies, Some’mores Kits, and seasonal Ice Creams and Baked Goods from The Franklin Fountain.

Centerpiece gone a Fowl?

Dress your table with a centerpiece of Milk and Dark Chocolate Turkeys and Cornucopias!  Fill the cornucopia with a bounty of our house-made Chocolate or Penny Candy.

Holiday Clear Toy

As the weather cools our stoves start warming up!  Soon all manner of beast, man, and object, in colorful crystalline sugar will be filling our shelves.  Pick-up a piece of the edible art in our shop or order online.

Online Clear Toy Orders will begin shipping by Wednesday, November 16th.  Order by Tuesday, December 20th for delivery by Christmas.


New Origins: Alto Beni, Bolivia

Bold, earthy cacao from Bolivia’s Alto Beni region is in. We taste green olive and oak.  Try it in our Single Origin Drinking Chocolate, or take home a tasting square to share.

Orange Zest Sugar Biscuits

Nothing pairs with our Tuscan Jasmine Cioccolato quite like these delicate delights.  A hint of citrus beautifully sets off the chocolate’s floral notes.  Try one with your next drinking chocolate!

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