We’ve been boiling and toiling, and our cauldrons are bubbling over with Hallowe’en candy!  Give a gift to your best ghoul, try one of our ghastly cameos filled with blood red pomegranate caramel, a clear toy witch, or a whole coffin filled with enough sweets to raise any spirit.  A selection of our halloween candies are available  to order online.

Pumpkin Fudge & Buttercreams

Savor the end of Summer and the start of Autumn with Pumpkin Fudge or try our Pumpkin Buttercream for a taste of the season.  Both are made with real Pumpkin, freshly grated Nutmeg, spicy Ginger, and warming Cinnamon.  Available in the shop or order online

Death & Chocolate Eternal

We resurrected the Victorian Funeral Biscuit.  Biscuits embossed with Latin epitaphs, hearts, skulls, or crosses, were given out to mourners.  At times they were left on the chest of the deceased during the wake, or wrapped in paper with a poem, and given out as favors.  Our morbid tokens are house-made Dark Chocolate Skulls emblazoned with “ÆTERNE”, cast in locally hand-sculpted moulds, and wrapped in authentic funerary poetry.

Agua de Nicaragua Drinking Chocolate

Organic Nicaraguan Cocoa is house-roasted and refined with Cinnamon and Coconut Milk, then whipped into a luxurious hot libation.  Our version is a take on the traditional Nicaraguan beverage Pinolillo.


Pumpkin Incredi-bells

Our Incredi-bell is a Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Liberty Bell filled with house-made Marshmallows that you can melt into your own drinking chocolate.  This month we’ve stuffed them with Pumpkin Marshmallows.  Just add hot milk or water and watch as these pearls of pumpkin perfection are cast adrift in mouthwatering Chocolate!

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