Christopher Ludwick Gingerbread Cookie


This fragrant gingerbread cookie is hand-pressed into replicas of Revolutionary War hero Christopher Ludwick's original cookie board, held by the Museum of the American Revolution. Slightly spicy, molasses-forward with delicate interior, this glazed gingerbread cookie is a favorite among staff and visitors alike.

From our Historic Pennsylvania Cookie Collection, an ode to Pennsylvania heritage bakers and historic recipes, Shane Confectionery’s chef’s crafted a line of delectable cookies traditionally made & popularized in the Philadelphia area.

Note: You will receive one of the cookies pictured above, depending on availability and at the discretion of the kitchen.

Gingerbread Cookie, 1 pc. // 3.15 oz

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In 1754, German-born Christopher Ludwick arrived in Philadelphia and opened a successful bakery at Letitia Court. Here he built a reputation as an American patriot and advocate for his fellow immigrant countrymen. He made invaluable contributions to American Independence during the Revolutionary War. Consequently, he was appointed by General Washington to be Superintendent of Bakers. 250 years later, on the same Old City block where Ludwick got his start, Shane Confectionery is still baking these traditional gingerbread cookies in his honor.