Linzer Bell Tarte


Buttery, jam-filled sandwich cookie with a shortbread-like texture and nutty flavor that comes from finely ground almonds and almond extract in the dough. This precious cookie is cut in the shape of the Liberty Bell. 5" tall, 3 oz.

Part of our Historic Pennsylvania Cookie Collection
An ode to Pennsylvania heritage bakers and historic recipes, Shane Confectionery's chef's crafted a line of delectable cookies traditionally made & popularized in the Philadelphia area.

 Raspberry Jelly-filled Linzer Cookies, 1 pk // 3 oz. 

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While the Linzer Torte began as a baked pie in 17th cent. Austria, it quickly evolves into a small cake form (aka: a cookie) by the 18th cent. It is thought that Swiss, Austrian, and German immigrants brought their version of the cookie to Pennsylvania in the late 18th & early 19th cent.