Springerle Cookies, 2 pk.


Springerle is an anise-forward cookie with a crisp, intricately molded exterior, and soft delicate interior.

These cookies are part of our Historic Pennsylvania Cookie Collection, an ode to Pennsylvania heritage bakers and historic recipes, Shane Confectionery’s chef’s crafted a line of delectable cookies traditionally made & popularized in the Philadelphia area. Shane Confectionery uses 19th century antique, hand-wrought molds to make our cookies.

Springerle Cookies, 2 pk. // .8 oz

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History: The name “Springerle” comes from a German dialect an means “Jumping Horse.” This may refer to their motifs often depicted on the molds, or may refer to how the dough rises. Spingerle cookies originated in the German province of Swabia in the 15th cent. They were originally baked to honor the Church Holy days, but have become a popular holiday cookie. Like many other German foods, these two were brought over to America and became a popular treat among the Pennsylvania Dutch.