Single-Origin Truffle Box, 4 pc.


A four-piece dark chocolate truffle assortment made from the bean with ethically sourced cacao at Shane Confectionery

Three of the four truffles are made with cacao from single origins or estates. Similar to wine and coffee, the tasting notes in these decadent chocolate truffles come from the bean variety itself, rather than any recipe differences or inclusions.

This box is a perfect accompaniment to a bottle of wine for a host or chocolate lover.


  • Maya Mountain, Belize Chocolate Truffle
    • Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Bright Red Fruit, Honey, Raisin
  • Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic Truffle
    • Tasting Notes: Honey, Strawberry, Nutmeg, Coconut
  • Tumaco, Colombia Truffle
    • Tasting Notes: Walnut, Whiskey, Fig, Molasses
  • House Dark Blend Truffle
    • Tasting Notes: Cocoa forward, roasty, bright, balanced

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