Valentine’s Buttercream Assortment

Our signature heart-shaped box featuring an assortment of our famous Buttercreams in a variety of flavors in Milk & Dark Chocolate.

Made using the Shane family recipe, passed down from 1911, these buttercreams have been the bread & butter of the business, sustaining this shop for most of the 20th century. We use the original ca. 1910s cream beater (affectionately named Bertha) in our kitchen, which churns out up to 200 lbs. of confection in each batch.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that buttercreams democratized the chocolate box. By making an affordable sugar & cream based center, rather than a pricey solid chocolate one, chocolate pieces became a more modest expense. With buttercreams, more people had access to a delicious box of chocolates.

Small Buttercream Assortment, 5 oz ~18 pcs. // Medium Buttercream Assortment, 8.5 oz. ~28 pcs. // Large Buttercream Assortment, 16 oz. ~45 pcs.

This assortment will start shipping & be available for pickup beginning Feb. 5th; if your order includes other confections, they will ship at the same time. If you’d like those sooner, please place a separate order.

Valentine’s Buttercream Assortment

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