Valentine’s Craftsman Assortment

Integrity & craftsmanship make our Craftsman Assortment our most popular & celebrated chocolate assortment. During February, we showcase these confections in a classic heart shaped box.

These handcrafted confections represent the best of our historic cases; highlighting and elevating the staple crafts of seasoned confectioners. This assortment includes classic pieces like caramels, butter creams, cordials, bon bons, & ganaches, all made by hand by our skilled co-workers on site. We dipped our pieces in our craft chocolate, made in house with ethically sourced cacao. Perfect as a centerpiece, gift, or dessert table addition, the Craftsman has something to delight every palate and pair with any occasion.

*Please note that the photo above is from a previous year’s assortment.

*This assortment is available for pre-order, and will start shipping & being available for pickup beginning Feb. 5th; if your order includes other confections, they will ship at the same time. If you’d like those sooner, please place a separate order.

Craftsman Valentine’s Heart Assortment
Small: 5.5 oz. ~11 pcs. // Medium: 9 oz. ~18 pcs. // Large: 16 oz. ~42 pcs.

Photo is of the Large assortment.

Valentine’s Craftsman Assortment

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.