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Historic Pennsylvania Cookie Collection, (18 pc.) Pre-order Only.


An assortment of our favorite cookies hailing from the Pennsylvania Dutch and their ancestral Germany with info sheet. Featured in the box are molded Gingerbread Cookies, formed in hand carved wooden molds and ideal for dipping in a hot drink, intricate and beautiful molded Springerlee cookies flavored with anise, tender Lebkuchen rich with spices, citrus and nuts, Raspberry Linzer Tortes shaped like a pickle, Liberty Bell, and heart, and crispy buttery Sand Tarts decorated with sliced almonds.
Included in the box:
Linzer Torte (4); Large Molded Gingerbread (2); Molded Springerlee (4); Iced Lebkuchen (2); Chocolate Dipped Lebkuchen (2), Sand Tarts (4). Only for pre-order.
Pre-order only. This cookie box requires 4 days to prepare and at least a couple of business days to ship depending on the recipient’s location. Please select “Pick up” if you’d like a quicker turn-around.

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