House Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts, 4 oz.


Made with our creamy, bean-to-bar milk chocolate and locally-grown NJ nuts, these crunchy hazelnuts were the first nut we wanted to pan, and have since become a staff favorite.

The Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium at Rutger’s University in New Jersey supplies the hazelnuts for our Gianduja Spread. They are committed to creating a research & breeding program to develop hazelnuts as a widely adapted, high yielding, and low-input sustainable crop.

Researcher Dr. Tom Molnar a has spent decades developing a blight-resistant hazelnut tree that can thrive locally–and we’ve been lucky enough to work with the fruit of his team’s labor!

New in our line of hand-crafted chocolate panned sweets!

House Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts // 4 oz.