Clear Toy Making Kit

A Pennsylvania-German tradition that dates to the 18th century, Clear Toys were gifted to children during Holiday seasons.

Learn to make this special confection like a pro with our kit!

In each kit you’ll receive:

  • x1 Vintage Clear Toy Mold (The mold will have three or four cavities and make small ~1×1.5″ shapes, everything from dogs & cats, to locomotives and hands. The mold designs will be at the discretion of the shop because of our unique stock. All molds are food safe and create beautiful pieces.)
  • x1 Instruction Book
  • x1 Shucker (to open mold)
  • x1 Candy Thermometer
  • x3 Rubber Bands

Add another mold for $50! If you order a second, we will make certain you do not get two of the same molds.

Clear Toy Making Kit

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