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Shane Chocolate Bar Library

All  of our chocolate is handcrafted from the bean at Shane Confectionery. Choose from our line of 2.1 oz. craft chocolate bars made using ethically-sourced cocoa beans from Uncommon Cacao and local ingredients or collect our library of all seven. The shape and form of our chocolate bars are based on 18th century etchings of chocolate bars produced in Philadelphia right here on our very own block by Benjamin Jackson.

Shane Chocolate Bar Library


Shane Confectionery 2.1 oz Bar Selection:

Cinnamon & Chili Pepper Dark Chocolate, 62% vegan

Inspired by the complex flavors of ancient Aztec cacao beverages, this dark 62% chocolate is refined with aromatic cinnamon and piquant guajillo & arbol chili peppers.

House Blend Dark Chocolate, 68.5% naturally vegan.

Dark, balanced, & robust, this chocolate is made with ethically sourced Colombian & Ghanaian cocoa beans.

House Blend Milk Chocolate, 48%

Creamy, sweet, and delicate, this bar is a crowd-favorite.  This chocolate is made with ethically sourced Tumaco Colombia cocoa beans.

Tumaco, Colombia Dark Chocolate, 90% naturally vegan

Dark & rich, this 90% bar is made with beans from Tumaco, Colombia–which are bold and chocolate-y without being bitter.

Benjamin Jackson Stoneground Dark Chocolate, 70% naturally vegan

We’ve emulated Philly’s 18th century food culture by creating a chocolate bar in honor of Benjamin Jackson, one of Philadelphia’s first well-established chocolate makers. Shane continues Jackson’s tradition on his same Old City block, roasting and grinding cacao to reproduce the flavor and texture consistent with 18th century ingredients and milling. Coarsely stone-ground cacao and unrefined cane sugar give this bar it’s distinct crunchy grit.

PMA Dark-Milk Chocolate with Salty Pretzels, 55%

A 55% Dark-Milk chocolate bar from the bean, finished with hand-twisted salty pretzels from Shuey’s Pretzels of Lebanon, PA and sprinkled with pretzel salt.

100 years ago, construction began on the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which soon became the cultural & artistic emblem of Philadelphia. With this commemorative chocolate bar, Shane Confectionery is celebrating the legacy of the PMA, in conjunction with the reopening of their North Entrance after more than four decades.  The wrapper thoughtfully interprets the beloved architectural elements of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The bars are sold exclusively at their North Entrance shop, and at Shane Confectionery, where $1 from each bar sold will go towards supporting the museum’s mission!

Thai Long Pepper & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, 73% naturally vegan.

Our newest bean-to-bar addition is our Thai Long Pepper & Sea Salt Bar! Unique & satisfying, this bar is made with single-origin cocoa beans Vietnam, and topped with earthy Thai Long Peppercorns & local Salty Acres sea salt. Earthy, slightly sweet, complex, and aromatic.