Dark-Milk Chocolate with Salty Pretzels Bar (55%), 2.1 oz.


A love letter to our beloved city of Philadelphia.

At 55% cacao, we craft this chocolate to be darker than the average milk chocolate, but still retain a balanced sweetness. We stud the bar with bits of crunchy pretzels, made locally at Shuey's of Lebanon, PA.

2.1 oz. Milk Chocolate Bar with Salty Pretzels, 55%

100 years ago, construction began on the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum soon became the cultural & artistic emblem of Philadelphia. With this commemorative chocolate bar, Shane Confectionery is celebrating the legacy of the PMA, in conjunction with the reopening of their North Entrance after more than four decades. To celebrate, we’ve crafted a 55% Dark-Milk chocolate bar from the bean. It’s finished with chunks of hand-twisted salty pretzels from Shuey’s Pretzels of Lebanon, PA and then sprinkled with pretzel salt.

The wrapper thoughtfully interprets the beloved architectural elements of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The bars are sold exclusively at their North Entrance shop, and at Shane Confectionery. A portion of proceeds from each bar sold will go towards supporting the museum’s mission!

Shane Confectionery is committed to the sustainability of cacao agriculture through sourcing only ethically traded cocoa which demands a premium paid to farmers.