Mini Craft Chocolate Bars, .5 oz.

These mini, half ounce craft chocolate bars are made in Shane Confectionery using ethically sourced cocoa beans, molded and wrapped by hand by our confectioners. These little bars are  a perfect pick-me-up or treat.

Mini Craft Chocolate Bars, .5 oz.

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House Blend Dark Chocolate 68.5%  Dark, balanced, & robust, this chocolate is made with ethically sourced Colombian & Ghanaian cocoa beans. Naturally vegan.

House Blend Milk Chocolate 42% Creamy, sweet, roasty but delicate, this bar is a crowd-favorite and made with ethically sourced Tumaco, Colombia cocoa beans.

House Toasted White Chocolate, Made with caramelized cocoa butter and dairy, our white chocolate bar has more depth of flavor than a typical white chocolate. 

All Three Varieties of .5 oz. Craft Chocolate Bars Milk, Dark, & Toasted White bars.