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Cinnamon & Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate Mix

Prepare our aromatic and warming hot chocolate at home with our specially crafted mix. Made on-site with ethically sourced cacao, this rich and flavorful drink is inspired by the traditional Aztec cacao beverages, refined with the perfect combination of aromatic cinnamon, spicy guajillo and arbol chili peppers for a unique and satisfying taste.

Mini Tin: 2.1 oz. (single serving) // Regular Tin: 10.6 oz. (five servings)

Cinnamon & Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate Mix

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Gently heat your milk of choice in saucepan, whisk in hot chocolate mix until it dissolves.

5 tlbs. (2.1 oz.) for every *6 – 8 oz. of milk or milk substitute.
*For a richer cup use 6 oz., for a lighter cup use 8 oz.