Signature Milk & Dark Hot Chocolate Mix

Our Signature Drinking Chocolate Mix creates a balanced, sumptuous, and sweet hot chocolate that blends our Dark & Milk chocolate, crafted in house using ethically-sourced cacao.

Each 10.6 oz tin contains five servings to make in your own kitchen. Our Mini 2.1 oz. tin is a perfect thinking of you gift, and great for an indulgent evening for one!

Regular Tin: 10.6 oz. (five servings) // Mini Tin: 2 oz. (single serving)

Signature Milk & Dark Hot Chocolate Mix

Gently heat your milk of choice in saucepan, whisk in hot chocolate mix until it dissolves.

5 tlbs. (2 oz.) for every *6 – 8 oz. of milk or milk substitute.
*For a richer cup use 6 oz., for a lighter cup use 8 oz.