CBD Salted Caramels, 40 mg-4 pc box (PA Only)


*Only available to ship to Pennsylvania residents*

Our CBD Caramels are made in small batches, on site, using ethically sourced ingredients. There are two Salted Vanilla Bean, and two Salted Chocolate Caramels in each box.

Each CBD-infused salted caramel includes 10mg of high quality, hemp-derived CBD from neighborhood farmers Wild Fox Provisions. CBD is an edible, non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant, said to provide relaxation and a sense of calm to those who use it.

Since the 19th century, confectioners have created their own versions of “Hasheesh Candy” by combining the cannabis plants, grown as either Marijuana or Hemp, with sweets. While the THC-bearing Marijuana plant tends to attract all the attention, Hemp has been an integral staple in American agriculture for hundreds of years (George Washington even grew it at Mt. Vernon)! After much consideration and testing, our confectioner and chocolate maker have created decidedly new pieces with a nod to these old traditions.


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