Buttercream Eggs

Note: These Buttercream Eggs are pre-order, and will be available after 4/01 for pick-up and shipping. If you are ordering other products, they will be shipped alongside the egg after 4/01. Please place a different order for quicker delivery.

Buttercream Eggs in sizes 1/4 lb., 1/2 lb., & 1 lb. dipped in Milk or Dark Chocolate. Cream options are Vanilla Bean, Coconut Cream, Fruit & Nut (Vanilla Buttercream with Candied Pistachio, Cherries, and  Candied Orange Peel), and Peanut Butter-cream.

About: Buttercream Eggs have been a staple of Philadelphia confectionery traditions for well over a century. The Shane family made these eggs for as long as they were in business– these treasures are filled with a sweet and buttery fondant that pronounces the joy of the season. The Berley Brothers have taken it upon themselves to continue this rich tradition of creating hand-crafted Buttercream eggs of exquisite ornamentation and design, based off of period-true models. We hope you enjoy our craftsmanship, and we expect the taste of our handiwork to be unsurpassable.

*Buttercream Egg decorations may vary from photograph. Due to the Fragility of our Buttercream Egg decorations, frosting decorations are simplified when shipped*

Buttercream Eggs

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