Chocolate-Hazelnut ‘Salami’, 6 oz.


Our Chocolate Maker Kevin has been wanting to make this Italian treat for some time! 🍫👨🏻‍🍳 🇮🇹

Chocolate “salami,” or salame al cioccolato, is an Italian dessert, that is made to resemble a salami. The “salami” contains no meat, and is made from chocolate, fruit, nuts, and often times, biscuits. Chocolate salami is popular across Europe as well as in Syria and Palestine. It’s the perfect addition to a cheese plate or dessert table.

Our dark chocolate Salami includes locally grown hazelnuts, candied orange peels, pistachios, & tart cherries.

A niche style of confectionery in the early 20th C, was the “candy butcher.” Found on Long Beach CA, to Coney Island, to Philadelphia, these confectioners sold candy that looked like salami, sausage, and different cuts of meat!

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